Business Applications

Broadcom introduces enterprise support for Zowe

Zowe, the Open Mainframe Project's open source software framework, lets customers securely develop and manage mainframe apps.


The consequences of automating business processes

Pure transactional jobs are under threat but the upside is that new roles will be created too, says Future Advisory founder and CEO Herman Singh.


Fujitsu's Digital Annealer revolutionises problem-solving

The Digital Annealer enables disruptive innovation by solving complex combinatorial optimisation problems, deployable anywhere from edge to cloud.


Harness the power of domain-driven design

Systems work when we all speak and understand the same language.


Euphoria presents smartphone app

The Euphoria Softphone app enables staff who work remotely to gain full access to Euphoria's communications platform.


SA not a Software AG focus geography

Software AG is placing "extra attention" on growing its revenue in a few specific geographies, but SA is not one of them.


Nintex acquires robotic process automation provider

The Foxtrot RPA is poised to bring Nintex customers fast RPA capabilities.


Should I stay or should I grow?

The process of listing a company on the JSE can be complex and costly. Here's what you need to consider, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Holdings.


Brady unveils industrial label printer

The BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer is PC-based and can print a full range of labels and signs, and die cut labels.


Use Microsoft's eDiscovery for non-Office 365 data sources

Preliminary processes on the left-hand side of the EDRM (information management, identification, preservation and collection) is where eDiscovery's capabilities help.


Prevent app clutter from undermining digital transformation

BPM can help to streamline application management within a digital transformation initiative by extending the lifetime of applications due to be phased out.