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Paul Stuttard

Director, Duxbury Networking.

Paul Stuttard is a director of specialist distributor Duxbury Networking. Currently Cape-based, he has been with the company for 29 years and has extensive experience in the IT industry, particularly within the value-added distribution arena. His focus is on the formulation of future-oriented network optimisation strategies and business development objectives in collaboration with resellers and end-users in Southern Africa.



No trust within the network?

Strict identity verification and continuous authorisation are required for all users and devices at all times, broadening the security perimeter and boosting trust.


Revolutionising the network

When AIOps is integrated with intelligent networking, organisations can unlock new levels of efficiency, agility and resilience in their network operations.


Secure web gateways, SASE and the vision of AI

Together, secure web gateways and secure access service edge allow major improvements in networking performance.


Networking must embrace cloud-native paradigm

Preparing for and deploying cloud-native networking and hybrid cloud architectures enables businesses to make more effective use of cloud resources.


The evolving cyber security framework: ZTNA revisited

Zero Trust Network Access moves away from a traditional network perimeter-based security model to focus on a holistic approach.


Adding key benefits to networks

Breaking down the distinctive purposes and fundamental differences of network functions virtualisation and network virtualisation.

IOTOct 5, 2023

Put mutually-beneficial SDN, network virtualisation to work

Embracing the ethos behind the symbiotic bond between software-defined networking and network virtualisation provides a competitive advantage.

IOTSept 7, 2023

Mitigating the risks of massive IOT

Described as a global phenomenon, the arrival of massive IOT is said to mark a turning point in the development of IOT technology.


Changing the way future networks are built, operated

The ‘CIA triad’ is a baseline standard for evaluating and implementing measures to enhance confidentiality, integrity and availability in modern IT security.

IOTJul 17, 2023

Identity and access management evolves

The challenges of identity management for network and application access need no longer put security teams on the back foot.


Drive for networks to switch to auto

Automation allows networks to better cope with modern workloads, provide increased agility and greatly reduce operational costs.


AI, quantum computers and corporate networks

The use of artificial intelligence in the networking arena can enable IT systems to self-correct for maximum uptime.