Software Development and Testing

Improving women's access to high-value tech careers

BBD is partnering with Umuzi to support 18 previously unemployed or under-employed women to become junior full-stack Web developers.


Broadcom introduces enterprise support for Zowe

Zowe, the Open Mainframe Project's open source software framework, lets customers securely develop and manage mainframe apps.

13 Mar

White paper: Dell EMC conducts backup and restore performance tests

Performance testing results using Dell EMC Data Domain DD6300 and Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications.

13 Mar

SA develops coding, robotics curricula for Grade R-9

The curricula, set to be implemented next year, will prepare learners for the fourth industrial revolution.


Saratoga implements PWAs for media group

The Progressive Web Applications technology allows a Web site to act like an app, which includes offering offline availability.

11 Mar

Open source breaches, vulnerabilities on the up

Two independent surveys reveal a rise in the number of open source vulnerabilities and breaches in the past year.


Massive growth in open source adoption in 2018

A Snyk report reveals how large the growth in development and uptake of open source software has been in the past year.


Blue Turtle assists developers

Developers can embed workflows automatically with Control-M Automation API from Blue Turtle.

8 Mar

Developers vs the business

Almost as old as the Marvel versus DC discussion is that of the relationship between software developers and the business itself. Developers care about the code, the business cares about revenue, and between the two lies a wasteland of misunderstanding and miscommunication.


Harness the power of domain-driven design

Systems work when we all speak and understand the same language.


Build an Android or iOS app with Codehesion

The company's portfolio ranges from corporate and commercial mobile apps to e-commerce and consumer-facing platforms.