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Celebrity influencers not always the best fit

New research turns the tables on traditional social media influencer theory, showing smaller, concentrated audiences could be more useful for brands.

Regulatory uncertainties stifle 5G in MEA


The region faces numerous telecoms challenges in terms of uncertain regulations, low coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as lack of spectrum.

Liberty readies for insurance chatbot


The investment group's short-term insurance unit is developing a chatbot to facilitate communication with customers and transform insurance quotes.

'Smart cameras turned into surveillance tools'

Attackers can remotely disable these devices, execute arbitrary malicious code on them and commit other acts of malfeasance, warns Kaspersky Lab.

Google Images adds captions


The search engine giant's visual search tab will now serve up more contextual information with images.

Sqwidnet, SMME IOT partner to connect 1m devices by 2023


The local network provider signs a channel partnership agreement with SMME IOT to connect one million devices within the next five years.

Bitcoin hit by Google ad policy

Google's ban on crypto-currency ads sends Bitcoin down more than 10% to its lowest in a month.

Google, Apple face EU law on business practices


Proposed regulation will require online platforms to be more transparent about how they rank search results.

Mixed reaction to Ghostery open source announcement


The company, which protects Internet users' privacy with blocking tracking software, made its code publicly available last week.

Google's new ads policy bans Bitcoin promotions


The search engine giant updates its policy to exclude adverts that promote unregulated or speculative financial products like crypto-currency.

YouTube adds dose of reality to conspiracy videos


The video platform will display text from Wikipedia and other sites alongside some videos as it attempts to combat hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

Big tech must be regulated, says Tim Berners-Lee


The inventor of the World Wide Web calls for regulation of Internet platforms and social media firms to prevent the Internet from being "weaponised at scale".

Spotify makes South African debut


The world's largest music-streaming service will officially be available to South African users from 13 March.