6 hours ago

Uber prioritises rider and driver safety

The e-hailing taxi service rolls out an in-app safety toolkit for both riders and partner-drivers


Poor pay a 'poverty premium' on mobile data

A community advocacy organisation demands an end to mobile data price discrimination, as it makes a presentation to the Competition Commission data inquiry today.

8 hours ago

Pick n Pay reports online gains amid social grant pain

The company's online distribution centres see growth of 25% but it says social grant payments are costing retailers a fortune.

8 hours ago

How SA compares to UAE in terms of ICT growth

Countries where governments take emerging technologies seriously and start adopting them in their processes tend to lead in innovation, says IDC.

8 hours ago

ZTE leads third phase 5G Technology R&D Test

ZTE was the industry's first to complete several standalone tests at 3.5GHz, as well as all non-standalone tests at 3.5GHz and 4.9GHz.


Security-savvy employees can reduce cyber threats

When employees are informed about potential cyber threats and are more conscious when using the Internet, it empowers them to protect themselves, says Charl Ueckermann, CEO of AVeS Cyber Security.

11 hours ago

Datacentrix named first local Facebook Workplace reseller

Workplace is a secure space for companies to use familiar Facebook features, such as chat, news feeds, events and groups.


HAVAÍC buys equity stake in Instant Property

The funding will be channelled towards Instant Property's digital resources and African expansion plans.


How data bundle prices changed over five years

A new report from ICASA compares bundle price fluctuations from South Africa's four major operators over the past five years.


SqwidNet inks mega IOT deals to connect 2.5m devices

Discovery, Netstar and Fidelity ADT sign deals with SqwidNet to deliver Sigfox's IOT connectivity technology in SA.


ZTE defines its role in 5G infrastructure

The company will showcase its 5G end-to-end solutions, including RAN, 5G Common Core, Flexhaul and management orchestration at BBWF 2018.