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Former Vodacom man heads to Google

Mzamo Masito aims to equip young Africans with Internet usage skills in his new role as Google's chief marketing officer for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Half a million users affected by malicious Chrome extensions

While extensions can improve the user's overall experience, they also put them at risk, says ICEBRG.

Fear of missing out on Bitcoin grips SA


South Africans are selling off valuable assets like cars in order to invest in the crypto-currency.

Michael Jordaan in new banking venture


The tech entrepreneur will launch Bank Zero, an app-driven bank, later this year.

Online crowdfunding platform aims to raise R3 ml

Recently established equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa is looking to raise R3 million in capital to fund African literature publication.

Fruitlook helps drought stricken Cape farmers to save water


The innovative online platform has helped Cape farmers to improve their water usage by 10%.

Top ICT projects govt should focus on in 2018

Analysts shine light on some of the long-awaited ICT projects that should be government focal points going forward.

Facebook changes News Feed, investors click on 'sad'


A warning from CEO Mark Zuckerberg that people could spend less time on Facebook in the short term hits shares.

Setting service level expectations to gratify your customers, now

An appetite for immediate gratification driven by the consumer adoption of platforms such as WhatsApp, has led to the expectations of service evolving, says INOVO.

Smart city grid developments mean energy savings

New research from Juniper indicates that global citizens stand to save $14 billion per annum in energy bills by 2022.

YouTube responds to suicide-video outcry


The online video platform finally takes steps against vlogger Logan Paul after he posted a video of a dead body online.

Regulatory pressure could hurt African telecoms market


Strand Consult predicts political and regulatory pressure will adversely affect African telcos in 2018.

Home affairs looks to advance smart ID rollout


The Department of Home Affairs seeks National Treasury approval to extend its partnership with banks as it works to get its systems fully automated.