Driving licence applications to go online

The Road Traffic Management Corporation plans to introduce an online system to allow the public to secure bookings at vehicle driving licensing centres.


New vulnerabilities discovered in fax machines, printers

Cyber criminals are targeting company and private fax machines to take over networks and steal information, says Check Point.


Smartphone time guzzles up one full day a week

BankMyCell finds smartphone owners use their devices for nearly three hours a day.

SA begins countdown to ITU telecoms conference

All eyes are on SA as it readies to be the first nation on the continent to host the ITU's Telecom World conference.


Fibre still for the affluent in SA

Operators continue to target the choicest places to roll out fibre networks while low-tiered market segments look on.

Home-grown WhatsApp competitor offers data-free messaging

Moya Messenger is a new, SA-developed mobile messaging app providing a similar experience to WhatsApp, but also lets users text even when they have no mobile data.

Netshield expands monitoring and control offerings

A new gateway enables customers to merge and migrate from traditional SNMP-managed environments to industrialised IoT environments, says Netshield.

13 Aug

Phishing attacks on the increase

Over 70% of organisations have been hit by an attack where malicious activity was spread from one user to another via e-mail, says Mimecast.

ANC wants govt to step up efforts to reduce data costs

The governing party calls for the implementation of its resolutions and policies aimed at driving down the cost of data in the country.

Blue Turtle teams up with Majesti-fi

The companies will deliver a global, secure data roaming WiFi solution with Majesti-fi's personal hotspot offering.

iWayAfrica to deploy high-speed broadband via HYLAS 4

Avanti's HYLAS 4 satellite will extend iWayAfrica's Ka-band offering into West and Central Africa, with commercial service scheduled from month-end.