Best practice in customer experience demands right mix of technologies

A combination of CX technologies can contribute to making human agents more effective by enabling them to handle several customer conversations at once instead of being focused on a single conversation.


Cloud-based unified communications a must for future workforce productivity

With VL Telecom's Business Talk solution, anyone needing to contact the company calls a single virtual landline number, which can be located in any of 65 countries worldwide.

Aug 12, 2021

Torque IT adapts to continue delivering the best in certified technology training

The company has expanded its face-to-face instructor-led training with virtual instructor-led training and added vendor-powered virtual sandbox environments for easy access to technology platforms.

Aug 10, 2021

Pandemic-driven adoption of VAs set to become customer service norm

Intelligent virtual assistants deliver an intuitive, automated and consistent experience to digital self-service customer service channels

Aug 3, 2021

Dimension Data achieves VMware Cloud Verified status

By achieving this status, Dimension Data is extending the VMware support it offers clients who are strategically digitalising their operations and need to manage and optimise networks.

Aug 3, 2021

White paper: Data virtualisation: The missing link to data success

One of the key challenges of FMCG companies is in having visibility across a complex, global supply chain.


Migrating virtual machines to the cloud

Customers around the world are opting to move their VMs to Google Cloud.

Jul 21, 2021

ITWeb surveys the changing VPN landscape

The aim of the survey, now live on ITWeb, is to examine the current status of VPN/SD-WAN adoption at South African organisations.

Jul 12, 2021

BCX attains VMware cloud verification status

Partners that are VMware Cloud Verified provide organisations with complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies, along with interoperability across clouds.

Jul 2, 2021

Moving away from physical offices to desktops as a service

Desktops as a service is fast becoming the preferred option for many businesses as they move away from physical office spaces to remote working environments, says Troye CEO Helen Kruger.


Optimise software to improve CX in the insurance industry

Customer experience involves having efficient channels to help you build strong and lasting relationships with customers in order to generate more revenue.

Jun 17, 2021

Silicon Sky enhances DRaaS offering

Silicon Sky has achieved VMware DRaaS validation and enhanced its DRaaS offering to ensure continuity of on-premises or hosted critical workloads.