Is it time for enterprises to revisit virtual reality?

The Vision Pro might break through the barrier to help virtual reality and augmented reality become more mainstream, says Data Sciences Corporation.


Embarking on a cloud adventure with Microsoft Azure, ISSC Group

Cloud computing is like hiring a band of powerful, invisible giants to do your heavy lifting, says ISSC Group.

Broadcom22 Feb

VMware-Broadcom uncertainty rattles SA channel

Local VMware partners are left to speculate as to how the acquisition will impact their operations and the channel.


Automation and integration, AI and VR – this year’s biggest IOT trends might not be what you expect

Cyber security, AI, automation, virtual reality and augmented reality are some of the most impactful IOT trends of 2024, says iONLINE ISP.

VMware6 Feb

SA CIOs fear support, pricing changes after VMware takeover

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has sent ripples of concern through the tech industry, and local CIOs are not immune.


NEC XON parent wins Telecom Review Excellence Award

The company received the award for the Most Innovative Product/Service globally for telco B2B leadership.


SD-WAN adoption on VPN sites on the rise in SA

BMIT forecasts that SD-WAN will penetrate 51% of all South African virtual private network-enabled business sites by 2027.

DatacentrixJan 24, 2024

Responsible, human-centred approach key to using GenAI in education

Students already use apps like ChatGPT to help with homework or summarise information, says Shakeel Jhazbhay, GM of Digital Business Solutions at Datacentrix

TroyeJan 23, 2024

Rethinking your hypervisor strategy?

The recent shifts in hypervisor licensing models and vendor strategies have raised critical questions for companies worldwide, says Helen Kruger, CEO of Troye.

Edge computingJan 22, 2024

Case study: Edge computing in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Chemi’s Patrica site in Frosinone, Italy, recently upgraded its production control system as part of a modernisation project.

VMwareJan 17, 2024

VMware partner programme shakeup to impact SA channel

Broadcom, VMware's new owner, dropped a bombshell in December by ending the VMware partner programme and introducing a less palatable alternative.

William ChoJan 17, 2024

LG CEO, key executives share plan to achieve ‘Future Vision 2030’ goal

Future Vision 2030 is LG’s long-term goal to transform into a ‘smart life solution company’ that can connect and expand the customer experience across various spaces.