White Papers

White paper: Managing the enterprise IOT landscape

Millions of things connect every day to the Internet of things. By 2020, they'll generate 600ZB of data annually.


White paper: Key insights into the global CX landscape

Dimension Data unpacks the top factors that impact customer satisfaction.


White paper: Ten time-winners in cable identification

When used correctly, professional cable and component identification can help you save a lot of time.


White paper: Can you quickly restore backed-up data?

As data grows in volume and importance, recovery and availability take centre stage in today's complex environments.


White paper: Beyond predictive maintenance: The 'art of the possible' with IOT

Get guidance and practical insights on how to get your business started on a successful digital transformation journey


White paper: Data sovereignty and the cloud in healthcare

Healthcare organisations are facing significant challenges when it comes to transformation, mostly caused by data sovereignty laws.


White paper: SilverBridge explores IFRS 17

Insurers have less than three years to implement the updated International Financial Reporting Standard 17.


White paper: A guide to choosing the right technology

Dell provides a checklist for choosing the right technology and getting buy-in from IT.


White paper: How can you benefit from PCaaS

Learn why PC as a Service is a smart way of IT provisioning.

Apr 23, 2019

White paper: A new model for healthcare

Health organisations need cloud services that are not only powerful, but also secure and compliant.

Apr 16, 2019

White paper: Regulating the Use of Cloud Computing by Financial Institutions

Cloud computing is transforming how IT is used by the financial services industry, says Microsoft.